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Private Platinum Program

$897.00 USD every month

Subtotal: $897.00 USD every month
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Due Now: $897.00 USD

When you join the Private Platinum Program, you'll:

  • Gain valuable insights from private strategy calls with your personal Law Business Strategist
  • Get 'er done with working strategy sessions and accountability calls
  • Score customized roadmaps, checklists, and scripts so you know exactly what to do next
  • Enjoy unlimited email support to move you along your monthly roadmap
  • Receive both emergency and urgent access.
  • Procure emergency access for your significant other, partner, and key employee
  • Get your questions answered so you can adjust your course and reach your goals faster
  • Benefit from expert Golden Rolodex referrals to the support you need
  • 50% Discount on other coaching programs, courses, and products, including the Million Dollar AttorneyⓇ Vault

What Do Attorneys Say About Attorney Alchemy's Programs?

“I have been a member of the Private Platinum Program since the beginning of 2018. Attorney Alchemy has done so much for our firm. Since we started, our income has grown beyond what I expected. We took on more office space, hired another employee and are looking to hire another. They have excellent instincts and advice and stay on top of you to ensure that you’re implementing what you’ve learned. I found Attorney Alchemy almost by accident. I’ve never looked back. I honestly don’t know where I’d be today without them.”

Bill Gerstein, Attorney, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“The law business strategists at Attorney Alchemy are incredible motivators and teachers. I have learned a lot from their efforts and program implementations for practice development. They not only teach you, but they stick with you to make sure you accomplish the goals you set. If you don’t have those goals yet, they will work with you to define them.”

Allen Margulis, Attorney, Boston, MA

“Using the tools that Wendy developed, my revenue increased 44% in my first year. The programs and tools are second to none. Some programs tell you that you need to do x or y. Wendy will tell you how to do x, achieve y, and what z should look like. It boggles the mind on how they have been able to develop such a comprehensive and robust program that covers every aspect of marketing and firm development while simultaneously motivating members and providing clear direction for achieving often elusive goals.”

Linda Fisher, Attorney, Boston, MA

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Private Platinum Program $897.00 USD every month
Apply a coupon
Sales Tax:
Due Now $897.00 USD

Private Platinum Program

Terms and Conditions Agreement

This Private Platinum Program Terms and Conditions Agreement (“Agreement”) is between Wendy Witt International, LLC, a Pennsylvania limited liability company doing business as Attorney Alchemy, (“Company”) and You (“Client” or “You”) regarding certain law business strategy consulting services You wish Company to provide to You. By purchasing Company’s Private Platinum Program You expressly agree to be bound, without modification, to this Agreement. If You do not agree to be bound to this Agreement, You cannot purchase Company’s Private Platinum Program.

Services. You have agreed to purchase the Private Platinum Program. Company will provide the following services to members of the Private Platinum Program, an attorney coaching program that focuses on the business of a law business including marketing, sales, finances, and mindset. The Private Platinum Program is a one-on-one law business strategy program to propel you from where you are to where you want to be.


  • One private 50-minute strategy session call per month via phone to create your individual roadmap, checklists, and scripts. Client is responsible for scheduling the strategy session via Company’s online scheduling platform each month. If You do not schedule a month’s call, You forfeit that month’s call—there is no rollover and missed sessions cannot be "banked" for future months.
  • One twenty (20) minute accountability, redirection, or clarification session per month via phone.  Client is responsible for scheduling this session via Company’s online scheduling platform each month. If You do not schedule a month’s call, You forfeit that month’s call—there is no rollover and missed sessions cannot be "banked" for future months.
  • Unlimited email consulting on topics in your roadmap, a checklist of tasks to be completed before your next strategy session. You must email your questions to your Law Business Strategist’s Attorney Alchemy email address that will be provided to You via email within 48 business hours of the execution of this Agreement. The turnaround time on all email consulting will be 48 business hours (holidays and weekends excluded). An email that will take your Law Business Strategist more than 10 minutes to answer will be deferred to your next session. Questions not related to your roadmap are to be held until your next session.
  • Emergency Access.  In the event of a catastrophic event such as your death or disability, we will provide emergency access for your firm "shareholders" such as a key employee, spouse, and significant other.
  • Urgent Access. Up to four urgent 15-minute phone sessions/month on urgent topics and matters that cannot wait for your regularly scheduled strategy or accountability sessions.
  • Golden Rolodex referrals and connections for service providers and trusted resources that we have used or would used. Some providers may pay Company a referral fee.
  • Million Dollar AttorneyⓇ Vault access at a 50% discounted rate for as long as You are a member of one of our Private Platinum Programs.
  • Additional services, outside the scope of this agreement, are available at a separately negotiated rate.

Client’s Duties. As part of this Agreement, You acknowledge that in order to get the most out of this program, You agree to be on time for your private sessions, participate fully, and complete all materials before each session. You agree to upload your Firm Dashboard, as well as any homework or other materials You want your Law Business Strategist to review, to your shared Dropbox folder, at least 24 hours prior to your private sessions. You understand that You hold essential information that Company needs to provide effective consulting to You, including your goals and intended outcomes for the program, and You are responsible for communicating such information to Company. You understand that implementation is your responsibility, and is necessary for You to obtain value from this program. You also understand that any abusive, negative, or inappropriate conduct is a material breach of this Agreement.


Fees. For the services as described above, You agree to pay Company $897 per month; the program will then automatically continue on a month to month basis for an investment of $897 per month unless one party gives at least 7 days written notice to terminate before an automatic continuation period.


Fees must be paid via the Company’s credit card portal or another method mutually agreed upon by the parties. Overdue amounts, including bounced payments or chargebacks, will be assessed a late payment charge at a monthly rate of 1.5% or the maximum provided by law, whichever is less. Client understands that if a payment is late or declined for any reason, no work will be performed until the issue is rectified. Company shall have the right to recover expenses including collection costs and reasonable attorney's fees incurred in the collection of overdue amounts.  

Rescheduling / Late Policy. If a scheduling conflict arises, You may reschedule a call with a minimum of 24 hours notice. If You are a no-show, or attempt to reschedule or cancel within 24 hours, You will have forfeited that month’s call, unless Company determines it was due to illness or emergency, at Company’s sole discretion. If Client is late for a call, the call will still end at the previously scheduled time, in order to have no impact on other clients. Company will make every commercially reasonable attempt to honor scheduled calls, but may reschedule a call due to an emergency or illness.


Testimonials; No Guarantees. The testimonials and recommendations on the sales page of the Program were provided without compensation to the providers. They do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your using the Program, and are merely provided as helpful educational information to assist You in making a decision–not as indicative of expected results. Each person and business featured has unique circumstances that drive their results, such as their experience, implementation, and history. Specific results depend upon how much effort You put into your Program, and where You are in the development of your practice. As such, the Program does not and cannot guarantee that any specific results that we discuss or that You imagine will be obtained from this program.


Not Legal, Medical, or Tax Advice. You understand that You are not a patient or legal client of Company, and that Company is not providing medical advice, mental health advice, therapy, tax advice, legal advice, or legal ethics opinions under this Agreement. You should seek medical advice for any medical or mental health problems, and You have the responsibility to consult with a medical professional regarding any medical conditions. If You have tax issues, legal issues, or need a legal ethics opinion, You should seek appropriate tax or legal expert advice.


Intellectual Property. Any materials co-created by the parties or solely created by You during the course of the services delivered under this Agreement are owned by You. You are responsible for keeping copies of your own materials. Company owns the copyrights and other intellectual property rights over any instructional materials or examples provided to You under this Agreement (“Company Materials”), such as roadmaps and checklists. You have a license to use such Company Materials only for your own personal, private use during your participation of the Program. You are not allowed to teach these Company Materials to others, share them with others, or display them anywhere, including on the Internet or via social media. If You would like to use these materials beyond the scope of this license, please contact Company for pricing information.


Company Property. Any files shared with Client, including via Dropbox, Google Drive, or another file sharing platform, during the course of the services delivered under this Agreement are owned by Company. You have a license to use such Company files only for your own personal, private use during your participation of the Program. You are not allowed to share these files with others or display them anywhere, including on the internet or via social media. Upon the termination of your participation in the Program, your access to these shared files will be removed within 48 hours. Company strongly recommends You back up any documents, spreadsheets, or notes You have stored in these shared files on another platform. These shared files should not be used as a backup storage solution.

Confidentiality. Company regards any information provided by You to be confidential. Company will only reveal such information a) with your express permission; b) as necessary in the court of legal proceedings; c) to legal counsel as necessary; or d) as required by law. Confidential information does not include information that is publicly available, that has been disclosed to a third party by You, or that was previously or independently derived by Company. Company expects Client to abide by the same policy and keep all Company communications confidential unless required to disclose by law.


Entire Agreement. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between You and Company and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous written or oral agreements between us with respect to the subject matter contained in this Agreement.


Severability. If any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, the validity, legality, or enforceability of the remainder of this Agreement shall not in any way be affected or impaired.


Liquidated Damages. If Company breaches obligation to deliver the services under this Agreement, Company’s liability shall be limited to be the total fees paid by Client to Company under this Agreement. The parties agree that quantifying the loss of services would be inherently difficult, and stipulate that the agreed upon sum is not a penalty, but is a reasonable measure of damages.


Waiver of Consequential Damages. No party will be liable to another party or any person, firm, corporation or other business association claiming by, through or under any theory of tort, contract, strict liability or other legal or equitable theory for lost profits, exemplary, punitive, special, incidental, indirect, or consequential damages, whether or not any party or entity has been advised of the possibility of such damages.


Arbitration and Choice of Law. Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this contract, or the breach thereof, in excess of $12,000 shall be settled by arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association in accordance with its Commercial Arbitration Rules  and judgment on the award rendered by the arbitrator may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. Claims shall be heard by a single arbitrator. Each party will, upon written request of the other party, promptly provide the other with copies of all relevant documents.  There shall be no other discovery allowed. The arbitration will be based on the submission of documents and there shall be no in-person or oral hearing. Time is of the essence for any arbitration under this agreement and arbitration hearings shall take place within 90 days of filing and awards rendered within 120 days. Arbitrator shall agree to these limits prior to accepting appointment. The arbitrator will have no authority to award punitive or other damages not measured by the prevailing party's actual damages, except as may be required by statute. The arbitrator shall not award consequential damages in any arbitration initiated under this section. The prevailing party shall be entitled to an award of reasonable attorney fees. Except as may be required by law, neither a party nor an arbitrator may disclose the existence, content, or results of any arbitration hereunder without the prior written consent of both parties.


For claims of $12,000 or less, either party may file an action in the appropriate Magisterial District Court in Allegheny County, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, if the party can meet the court's requirements. The parties agree that this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.