Team Training Crash Course


exclusively for estate planning firms only and best suited for new team members



Results We Expect:

  • Creates happier team members
  • Shortens learning curve, while creating engaged, enthusiastic team members who care about your law business
  • Reduces training time, repetitive questions, and mistakes by up to 75%
  • Creates faster ROI 
  • Reduces drama
  • Increases competency, quality of deliverables, and customer satisfaction



Course Includes:

  • Full Course in Instantly Downloadable Workbook, 79 pages 
  • Secret Decoder Ring
  • Coverage of Estate Planning and Elder Law
  • Intro to Special Needs Planning, Asset Protection Planning, Pet Planning
  • Special Features on Marketing, Business Logistics, and Law Firm Management
  • Key to Reducing Attorney Interruptions


Estate Planning Attorney Linda Fisher says,

Using the tools that Wendy developed, my revenue increased 44% in my first year. The programs and tools are second to none.

Reduce Interruptions and Hassle

Let Us Do the Teaching: Why Estate Planning is Important in the World --- Estate Planning Basics, FAQs, and Glossary --- The Estate Planning Process --- How the Team Works Together --- The Best Ways to Reduce Drama and Attorney Interruptions --- How to Talk to Their Attorney --- How to Master Dealing with Difficult Clients


Invest in yourself, your team, and your law firm, today. 


Estate Planning Attorney Wendy Witt says,

In just a few days - likely, in a few hours - the Team Training Crash Course, can change your law firm and your life.  

This course is specially designed to reduce avoidable mistakes, interruptions, turnover, and frustration - and - improve client satisfaction, firm reputation, and team member commitment.

Team members become instantly engaged, understand where they fit into the big picture, and grasp how they can help your law firm thrive.

As a result, I would expect you to experience increased ROI, continuity, and satisfaction, so we include a 100% 30-day "Do the Work" guarantee.