Happy Lawyers Have Greater Impact and Success

Happiness precedes success. Together, we'll design the life you love and then build your million-dollar law firm to serve and support that life. 





Do You Have Any of These Concerns?

  • Wish to Feel Happier and Less Stressed?
  • Desire More Freedom and Opportunity?
  • Ready to Move Forward Faster?
  • Want to Increase Self Confidence?
  • Ready to Increase Revenue and Profit?
  • Want to Make Bigger Impact?
  • Know it's Time to Increase Efficiencies, Systematize, and Delegate?
  • Spending too Many Hours in the Office?
  • Craving Less Frustration and Anxiety? 
  • Visualizing a Million-Dollar Law Firm, but Don't Know How to Get There?

You're in the Right Place.

This is the place where you gain confidence, find answers, and get the guidance you need to create the law firm and life of your dreams. 


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Want These Results?

  • Feel happier
  • Increase revenue to a million dollars
  • Enjoy more time off
  • Move with confidence
  • Eliminate fear
  • Reduce mistakes and inefficiencies
  • Cherry pick only the cases you want
  • Turn current clients and referral sources into income-generating cash flow centers
  • Bring clients in the door, check in hand
  • Take two Fridays off every month and still meet revenue goals
  • Build a business foundation and marketing system that could double or triple your revenue within 1.5 to 3 years

Your customized coaching program will be especially designed by an attorney/law firm business strategist for you to propel you from where you are to where you want to be.

Picture This

Imagine what your life would be like if you were only working with your ideal clients. Envision a team and systems in place to run your law firm so you can focus ON the business and building relationships, cherry picking only the cases you really want.  Think of yourself traveling and away from the office for weeks at a time without worry. Picture that success and how it will affect you and your health, family, finances, and confidence.

Attorney Bill Gerstein says,

"I have been working with Wendy Witt since the beginning of this year. Wendy has done so much for our firm. Since we started, our income has grown beyond what I expected. We took on more office space, hired another employee and are looking to hire another. They have excellent instincts and advice and stay on top of you to ensure that you're implementing what you've learned. I found Wendy almost by accident on Facebook. I've never looked back. I honestly don't know where I'd be today without them. I no longer worry about money. I look forward to coming to work and improving my business. The great thing is that we've only just begun. There is so much more to accomplish and I do not make a move without getting my coach's blessing. I hope that one day she visits our area so that she can see what she has helped to craft in person."

Attorney Linda Fisher says,

"Using the tools that Wendy developed, my revenue increased 44% in my first year. The programs and tools are second to none. Some programs tell you that you need to do x or y. Wendy will tell you how to do x, achieve y, and what z should look like. It boggles the mind on how they have been able to develop such a comprehensive and robust program that covers every aspect of marketing and firm development while simultaneously motivating members and providing clear direction for achieving often elusive goals." 

Attorney Allen Margulis says,

"The law business strategists at Million Dollar Attorney are incredible motivators and teachers. I have learned a lot from their efforts and program implementations for practice development.

They not only teach you, but they stick with you to make sure you accomplish the goals you set.

If you don't have those goals yet, they will work with you to define them."

Attorney and Manager of Practice Development at WealthCounsel, LLC Patrick Carlson says,

"An experienced and successful attorney herself, Wendy Witt is uniquely qualified and passionate about teaching fellow attorneys how to create and build their ideal law firms. Rather than offering a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all formula, Wendy focuses on what lifestyle you want and then shows you how to create and build your law firm around that desired lifestyle. She'll show you how to draw in clients that you really want to have and that you'll love working with. It's never too late to develop the practice you love, and working with Wendy can change your practice for the better. I highly recommend her."

Greetings from Wendy Witt, JD


My name is Wendy Witt and I create Million-Dollar Law Firms and Happy Lawyers. Throughout my career, I’ve helped more than 8,000 attorneys, just like you, get more clients, take more time off, and love their firm – and life – more.

Have you read what attorneys featured above have said about working with me? None of them received compensation for their support. What they have received is expert advice, support, and tools. And, they've all worked hard, implementing what they've learned - so they get results.

Commit to yourself and your future right now.

To Your Success!


Not So Fast. Do You Meet the Criteria to Work with Me?

While my program may sound like the answer you’ve been looking for or a nice surprise to get you to your goals much faster and easier than walking that path alone, we can’t work with everyone. 

Please DON’T enroll unless you:

  • Take fast action and make things happen. You get it done, even when it’s hard.
  • Know there’s stuff you don’t know and are willing to learn. You recognize there’s stuff you think you know, but don’t.
  • Have momentum and you’re willing to try new things to get to the next level.
  • Are comfortable with being challenged and are willing to act outside your comfort zone.
  • Keep your commitments and act with integrity, even when it becomes inconvenient or you change your mind.
  • Recognize that a law firm is a business and you must invest time, money, and focused effort on your business.
  • Want to feel successful, make more money, have more personal time, or enjoy your practice more.
  • Understand that you and, you alone, can implement or delegate what you learn; you, and you alone, are responsible for building your successful law firm. (We hope you do and are here to help!)
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What's Holding You Back?

I've been doing this a long time and have heard every hesitation in the book. Change is scary. What's holding you back?

Do you think the program is too expensive? You want your clients to look toward the value you’re providing, right? And view their legal fee as an investment? You must do the same. After all, you’re running a business; you’ve got to invest in yourself and your business or you’ll never make progress. Successful attorneys invest in themselves and their firm. 


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Are you worried the program won't work for you? Well, we know these programs work for attorneys like you. Whether it works for you is totally dependent on you and whether you implement what you learn – or not. We’ll will give you the tools and guidance you need; we will not be handing out magic wands. This program works no matter: where you live, your experience level, your chosen niche, and your unique abilities.

Successful attorneys act outside their comfort zone; it’s the only way to move forward and be in a better place next year than you are now.

Do you feel like you just don't have time? Actually, you do. I have saved attorneys like you hundreds of hours of mistakes and likely thousands of headaches, while creating consistent cash flow. You don’t have time to not participate. Successful attorneys spend significant time working on their firm, and less and less time in their firm.

Is your law partner or significant other struggling to see the value in the program? By the end of 2019, I will have spent $250,000 working with mentors and participating in coaching programs. Every single penny of my investment was paid back with a significant return on investment and drastically propelled me toward my financial and lifestyle goals. Feeling hesitant about investing is smart and normal; not investing in your business because of fear is not.

Successful attorneys invest in themselves. My members report back increased happiness and revenue levels and more time off.

Picture your success and how it will affect you and your health, family, finances, and confidence.

What do Coaching Programs include?

We'll focus on the design of your best life and the law firm that serves and supports that life.

Examples include: 

developing entrepreneurial thinking, improving strategic thinking and decision-making, implementing and analyzing key performance indicators, building a budget and understanding the 6 essential financial reports, developing marketing and business plans, mastering cash crunches, documenting systems and processes, setting strong fees, knowing when and whom to hire, closing more clients, creating multiple streams of income, identifying strong financial strategies, mindset development, living the success principles, mastering legal marketing, decision-making, documenting processes and systems, building a team, etc.

We focus on what you, as an individual, need most balancing where you are now, where you want to be, your unique abilities, and your dedication to implementation.

Think this sounds too good to be true?

When You Work with Us, You'll: 

  • Gain valuable insights from private strategy calls with your personal Law Business Strategist, Wendy Witt, JD 
  • Get 'er done with working strategy sessions and accountability calls
  • Score customized roadmaps, checklists, and scripts so you know exactly what to do next to reach your BIG goals
  • Enjoy unlimited email support to move you along your monthly roadmap 
  • Receive both emergency and urgent access
  • Procure emergency access for your significant other, partner, and key employee 
  • Get your questions answered so you can readjust your course and reach your goals faster 
  • Benefit from expert Golden Rolodex referrals to the support you need 
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